Motor Repairs
Repair all types electric motors including specialised motors such as Fugal and Schrage Brisbane QLD
Motor Repairs, full in house capability, Electric Motors, flameproof, fugal, charge
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All Motor Repairs – Full in-house capability
AC/LV & HV Electric Motors & Flameproof

All types including specialised motors such as Fugal and Schrage

Stator rewinding

EMACS is able to rewind motors, alternators and generators up to 11kv.

DC Electric Motors

Rewinds include Armatures, field coils and interpoles.  Experienced in both round and sectional rewinds, EMACS has extensive experience on all types of DC motor repairs.

Armature and field coil winding

EMACS is experienced at motor repairs for the following industries; Coal Preparation Plants,   Sugar Mills,   Underground Mining,   Mining Ventilation,   Water Utilities,   Power Station Generators & Alternators, Flameproof – Hazardous Area.


  • On-site HV motor rewinding, inspections, removal, installation and commissioning.
  • Post repair testing
  • Performance testing

Ask an Industry Expert – EMACS Electrical and Mechanical Repairs

Coal Prep Plants
Sugar Mills
Underground Mining
Mining Ventilation
Water Utilities
Power Stations
Generators and Alternators
Generators and Alternators
Generators and Alternators